An introductory program to Natural Family Planning, to help you choose which method of NFP is best for you.

10 modules. 3 ways to learn.

Duration: 1 hour 30 min



Natural Plan Video Series is a truly comprehensive introduction to all methods of NFP. A course designed specifically for newly engaged and newlywed couples who want to understand what NFP is all about.

The video series includes:

  • Doctors speaking about fertility and how the different methods of NFP work.
  • Fertility Coaches and NFP Teaching Couples sharing their real life experiences practicing NFP.
  • Clergy speaking about theology of the body and responsible parenthood.
  • Scientists and medical professionals speaking about the effectiveness of NFP vs contraceptives and their impact on marriage.

Natural Plan is available online for couples to watch directly, but it was primarily made with parishes and dioceses in mind as a great option for marriage prep or adult faith formation.

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Meet the Leadership

Headshot Katie NP

Katie Zulanas

Katie Zulanas is the Executive Director of the Couple to Couple League (CCL), an organization that has been promoting and teaching Natural Family Planning for  50 years. With a background in software engineering and marketing, Katie has focused on providing platforms to allow teachers to support women and men through a lifetime of fertility. With millions of women downloading fertility apps, there is an unprecedented need for solid scientifically-based education regarding fertility which supports the dignity of the human person and safeguards the creation of new life. Katie is most energized by lending her skills to help CCL volunteers as they continue on with their mission to share the gift of Humanae Vitae. Katie spent 23 years promoting CCL with her husband Tom before joining the organization as Executive Director in 2019. Katie and Tom are blessed with two sons and daughter-in law. 

Headshot Heather NP

Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy is the Development Director of the Couple to Couple League (CCL), an organization that has been promoting and teaching Natural Family Planning for  50 years. Heather has been assisting nonprofits in reaching their potential for almost 20 years at the local, regional, and national levels. Heather spent 20 years promoting and teaching NFP with her husband Brendan before joining Couple to Couple League as Development Director in 2022. Heather lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and beautiful family.  

Sample Interview Questions

1.)  Can you tell our audience a little more about the mission of Couple to Couple League and why you decided to create Natural Plan? 

2.)  What is unique about the launch of the Natural Plan and Learn NFP from CCL? 

3.)  How do you hope parishes, dioceses or marriage prep organizations can use this program?  

4.)  How will this new program boost or change traditional models of teaching NFP? 

5.)  How can someone get started with Natural Plan, and what can one expect?

Media Requests

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