Peak Male Fertility


For far too long, male fertility has been overlooked. Yet when it comes to fertility, the man’s reproductive function is equally as important as the woman’s. While estimates vary, recent data suggest that about 40 percent of infertility is due to male factors. The spinoff of this new research not only will help many couples to achieve pregnancy, but it also offers insight into other reproductive problems that affect men, from sexual desire to prostate health. Male fertility has decreased more than 50% since 1973. This alarming statistic is often not widely reported, and researchers have not yet found a definitive reason for this drop.

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Knowledge is empowering. Arm yourself with the know-how to improve your fertility and wellness.


  • How stress effects male fertility.
  • Diet and nutrition for increased fertility.
  • How lifestyle and certain medications effect fertility.
  • Nutrition & supplements for male fertility.
  • Considerations for male reproductive health.


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