Learning the basics of charting and fertility awareness has never been easier. PeakDay Start to Chart teaches you the essentials to get started charting your cycle.

Learn in less than 20 minutes through 4 video modules.

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A Quick-Start Video Series to Learn the Basics of Fertility Awareness

Short online video course to jump-start cycle charting using the PeakDay app.


  • 4 Short Videos to Learn the Basics
  • Start to Chart Course Guide
  • Free Fertility Coaching Session
  • Free 60 Day Access to PeakDay App
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What's Included

4 online Quick Start modules to learn the basics of the PeakDay STM method.

PeakDay Start to Chart Course Guide for getting started charting with the PeakDay app.

Free 60 day access to the PeakDay App to start tracking your fertility signs.

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